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About the Global Liberal Arts Program at Ritsumeikan University

At GLA, all students will be earning degrees at both Ritsumeikan University and the Australian National University (ANU) through the Dual Degree Program. In Japan, they will study the liberal arts, with a focus on becoming a proactive member of the global society in the twenty-first century. In Australia, they will experience the dynamism of globalization firsthand and deepen their studies of the Asia-Pacific region. Through this program’s close coordination between the Japanese and Australian universities, GLA students will be able to attain an international and pluralistic education during their four years. At graduation, the students will not only earn their bachelor’s degree of Global Liberal Arts from RU, but will also earn a bachelor’s degree of Asia-Pacific Affairs from ANU at the same time.

Students spend 2 years in Osaka 1 year in Canberra and the final year back in Osaka. 


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