Dreaming big of studying abroad for tertiary education has always been for the most part, the desire for many in Bangladesh. However, potential students have had limited access in the past to international universities/colleges and their representatives visiting the country with whom they could discuss study options. Well, MACES, the largest international education consultancy firm in Bangladesh, did just that, by kick-starting  its much awaited and increasingly popular 2nd annual Study Abroad With MACES Education Meet 2018 on a vibrant, sunny, morning at Westin, Dhaka, (5th October). This event, the largest of its kind in Bangladesh, was also held at Peninsula Hotel, Chattagram (7th October) and Rose View Hotel, Sylhet (9th October).

Delegates representing over 50 universities from 6 countries – UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Malaysia – graced the event in the three cities, which was attended by 2000 visitors who are keen to earn foreign, reputable, degrees.

The first day of the event at Westin, Dhaka, began with an opening ceremony where winners of MACES’s Personal Statement Writing Competition were announced. Mr. Ejaj Ahmed, President of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center delivered an inspirational address for the students. Soon after, at 11:00 am, visitors started filing in where they received pre-counseling by MACES’s team of expert counselors, who informed them of universities/pathways they might want to visit in line with their area of study interest. Meanwhile, students and invited guests tuned into videos that were played of the different institutions represented including; Ritsumeikan University, University of Glasgow, University of Nottingham, University of Reading, University of South Florida, University of Newcastle Australia, Navitas, INTO, and Kaplan, amongst others.

On the evening of 6th October, MACES hosted a welcome dinner in Chattagram prior to day two of the Education Meet at Peninsula Hotel (7th October). School Counselors and Delegates from world renowned institutions had the chance to network and form closer ties between their respective institutions. Participating universities/pathways at the Meet in Chattagram included:

  • UWE, Bristol.
  • Queen Mary University London
  • Navitas (representing Fraser International College, International College Manitoba, Western Sydney University etc.).
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus.
  • Tokyo International University.
  • INTO (representing Oregon State University, George Mason University, Colorado State University, Washington State University, University of East Anglia, University of Manchester etc.).
  • Kaplan (representing Pace University, Northeastern University, University of Birmingham, University of York, University of Westminster etc.).
  • The Matriculadies and British Council IELTS.

On the morning of Day 2 of MACES’s Education Meet at Peninsula Hotel, Chattagram, there were visitors from institutions such as; Chittagong University, Independent University of Chittagong, and East Delta University. Midday saw groups of enthusiastic students crowding in from Chittagong Grammar School, Presidency International School, and TECHNO-CIDER International School. These school students showed interest in studying mainly in Canada and USA.

On the eve of Day 3 of MACES’s Education Meet at Rose View Hotel, Sylhet (9th October), a welcome dinner was held at the same venue with the presence of school Principals, Counselors, and Delegates. Universities/pathways represented in Sylhet included:

  • University of Nottingham.
  • University of Law.
  • Navitas (representing UMASS Lowell & Boston, La Trobe, Sydney, Brunel University London etc.).
  • INTO (representing George Mason University, Marshall University, Saint Lois University etc.).
  • British Council IELTS.

Although crowds were smaller in Sylhet, students from various institutions attended including; SCHOLARSHOME School & College, Anandaniketan School, The Sylhet Khajanchibari International School & College, Sylhet Metropolitan University, and Sylhet University of Science and Technology.

The Study Abroad With MACES Education Meet 2018 aimed to bring together internationally accredited and world famous universities/colleges to students’ doorsteps so that they got a true picture of their study abroad options, enabling them to make better choices for their future.