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Rouham Manzoor Study Abroad with MACES-Education Consultancy

Rouham Manzoor

Managing Partner

I think one of the most crucial time in a person’s life is the time when they have to chose a career path, subject as well as which country/university to go to. Proper guidance at this time can make tremendous difference and I love helping students find their path. This is why I decided to join MACES. I like travelling and I make it a point to visit most of our university partners so that when I talk to a student about a particular university I can speak from experience rather than from the brochures. Before joining MACES I had approximately 10 years of experience working in companies like Citibank, N.A., Nationwide Provident as well as USAID at home and abroad. I have a Bachelors degree in Finance and Economics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Phone: +8801714016927