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Malaysia Study Abroad with MACES-Education Consultancy


  • Foreign Degree at lower cost
    Many foreign universities, especially Australian and British, have branch campuses in Malaysia. Besides, the same course at the Malaysia campus would cost just under half as much.
  • Multicultural environment
    Malaysia is a multi-ethnic melting pot. Just half the population is Malay while almost a quarter is Chinese and over seven percent is Indian. Whilst Malay is the official language of Malaysia, English is a recognized language and widely spoken. Such a setting is a great foundation for international students to make them feel at home in addition to having a sense of belonging. The global community allows for religious, cultural, and social acceptance and is testimony to the fact that Malaysia is home to just under 100,000 international students.

Foundation tuition fees: 10000 RM – 30000 RM
Undergraduate tuition fees: 21000 RM – 55000 RM
Masters tuition fees: 23000 RM – 77000 RM

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

  • University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus offers up to 25% tuition reduction scholarship
  • Taylor’s University offers up to RM 9000 Scholarship
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak offers up to RM 10000 Scholarship for international students depending on their academics

Postgraduate Scholarship Opportunities:

  • University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus offers the same degree those are from UK Campus. They offer full free developing solutions scholarships and 25% tuition reduction scholarships for Business and Social Science
  • Swinburne Sarawak offers an affordable Australian degree in Malaysia with partial Scholarships.

Useful resources for information on Studying in the Malaysia

Education Malaysia Global Services: https://educationmalaysia.gov.my/


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