Frequently Asked Questions

What does MACES do?
MACES is a young enthusiastic study abroad consulting service for students who are looking for higher education opportunities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. We provide professional guidance counseling to serious students.
What are our services?
We provide the following services to all of our students:
  • Assistance with university/college Selection and Application
  • Assistance with Scholarship application, Essay review and Interview preparation
  • Advice on Accommodation
  • Advice on English Language preparation and Registration support for IELTS and PTE exams
  • Advice, preparation and processing Visa application
  • Advice on finance and insurance for your travel and studies. (For example, living cost and travel insurance.)
  • Pre-departure advice/guidance to prepare you for your destination
  • Follow up after arrival (airport pick up, accommodation, enrolment)
Which countries does MACES work with?

Are there any counseling fees or service charges?
No. Our services are completely free of charge to the student, however we do take a fully refundable deposit of TK. 5,000 at the time of application. This deposit is refunded fully at the time that the first installment is made to the university or college. This is only to discourage non-serious students to apply and take away important resources from the serious applicants.

Do I have to make any deposit before visa?
Most institutions require a partial deposit of tuition fee before issuing the final document based on which a student can apply for the visa. Deposit is only mandatory for institutions that require it. If the institution does not require a deposit prior to issuing the final confirmation then no deposit is required before visa. It may be noted however, that payment of deposit beforehand is beneficial to the student since it shows genuine commitment of the student to study in the institution. All deposit payments made prior to visa are adjusted with tuition fees and so the student does not end up paying anything extra. It may also be mentioned that All institutions we work with provide a full refund in case the visa is refused. Some institutions do deduct a nominal administrative fee if a refund needs to be provided. Please speak with your MACES counselor or interested universities to find out more.